Sealyt Spark 45G Sealyt Spark 45G

Sealyt Spark 45G

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SeaLyt is a regulator of the digestive system promoting rehydratation and stimulating water intake.


Digestive disorders and dehydration

Digestive disorders are the leading cause of mortality in young animals, known for causing significant financial losses in pig and poultry farming because of delayed growth. Digestive disorders are caused by damage to the intestinal wall and trigger dehydration, loss of electrolytes, mineral leakage and poor assimilation of nutrients, sapping the animal’s energy.


Regulator of the digestive system

Rich in algae-based marine sulphated polysaccharides (MSP) that stimulate mucine production, SeaLyt thickens the mucous covering the intestinal epithelium. This better-protected mucosal barrier is more efficient at regulating the update of nutrients. SeaLyt is also rich in easily assimilated energy. Overall, SeaLyt regulates bowel function and promotes rehydration in the animals.


Animals with improved viability thanks to fewer digestive disorders.

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