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A mix of protected organic acids and essential oils to prevent development of pathogenic bacteria and promote beneficial flora. GALLIMIX is active in the intestine, after controlled release in the gastrointestinal tract. GALLIMIX has a good stability and efficiency in all feed.



Ø  Implantation of a benefic microflora and reduces the incidences of bacterial associated diarrhea especially E. coli, Salmonella and C. perfringens

Ø  Digestibility improvement and nutrient absorption

Ø  Improvement of technical and economical results

Ø  Trials in broiler show enhance of FCR and growth performances (good taste to improve the feed intake)

Ø  Trials in layer show an increase of laying rate

Ø  Thermostable to resist the pelleting condition

Ø  Compatible with all feed ingredients and anticoccidials


Use and Inclusion rate

400 g to 700 g of GALLIMIX per ton of feed in pullet, broiler, turkey, duck, quail, laying and breeder hens.


Package: 25 kg

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