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Broiler Premix

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More than 30 years of experience in the selection of our suppliers, in the design of premixes according to the needs of the animals and in industrial production thanks to adapted tools. Mixture of vitamins, trace elements, additives: (enzymes, amino acids, probiotics, acids, natural solutions, plant extracts…) and other solutions of natural origin.



Ø  Contains all essential vitamins and trace minerals required for all Broiler breeds during all stages of production

Ø  Performances guaranties : Live weight, daily growth, feed conversion, breast yield, meat quality, litter quality, gut health


Knowledge of the interactions between trace elements and vitamins. Guarantee of stable and efficient mixtures over time. FCA (Feed Chain Alliance) and HACCP control certifications. Reliability of raw materials: selection of European suppliers
Control before use (sanitary analyses, heavy metals)


As per farmer requirements (0.1- 3 Kg / 1 ton feed)

Package: 25-30 kg

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