Bedgen 40 Premix Bedgen 40 Premix

Bedgen 40 Premix

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Natural hepatoprotective effect

• Protects the liver and helps it recover.

• Increases production and release of bile.

• Enhances the liver´s detoxification capacity.

• Stimulates immune response and helps reduce mortality.


BEDGEN 40™ PREMIX SFA CONCENTRATE is a natural feed additive that modulates the liver activity, enhancing its detoxification capacity as well as its ability to produce bile and metabolize nutrients, allowing animals to express their full productive potential.



BEDGEN 40™ PREMIX SFA CONCENTRATE is indicated to improve animals' health and productivity under challenging conditions caused by toxins metabolic dysfunction, deficient digestibility and stress situations.



25 kg, 5 kg, 1 kg.




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