Bedgen 40 liquid Bedgen 40 liquid

Bedgen 40 liquid

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Extract of Cynara scolymus (Artichoke) and Choline chloride,Nipagen, Nipasol, Cynarine, Cynargenin, Cynarpicrin, Cynaratriol, Cynarolide, Luteolin, Sesquiterpenic lactones.
Manufacturer: Bedson
Origin: Argentina
Dosage: 1 Lit / 3000 Lit drinking water.

BEDGEN 40™ product by ocused on safety and searching for better production parameters BEDGEN 40™ was designed as a product with multiplebenefits. BEDGEN 40™ in a hepatomodulator and natural growth promoter containing Cynara Scolymus and Choline Chloride benefits the Birds by Stabilize hepatocytes, Reduce Toxin Accumulation, Stimulates metabolic processes & Improve the immune response. 

BEDGEN 40™ containing main active ingredient extract of Cynara scolymus, Choline chloride,

Nipagen, Nipasol. Extract of the leafy portion of the artichoke plant (Cynara scolymus)

comprises following components 







 Sesquiterpenic lactones

BEDGEN 40™ benefits in Breeders & Layers: 

 Reduces mortality rate. 

 Reduce Fatty liver syndrome. 

 Boost immune response.

 Reduced feed consumption.

 Increases egg’s mass.

 Strengthens egg’s shell.

 Increase hatching percentage.

 Improves production under Coryza. 

Packaging 1 Liter Bottle 

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