Aromabiotic Poultry G Aromabiotic Poultry G

Aromabiotic Poultry G

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Aromabiotic® Poultry isa carefully balanced mixture of medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) developed for poultry reared in high infection pressures. Broilers are selected to grow extremely fast and efficient. To lower the risk of a disturbed (gut) health status it is very important to create a solid antibacterial barrier at stomach level. For years the focus of broiler breeding companies has been the improvement of growth rate and feed conversion which can lead to increased health problems and metabolic disorders. Bird health and more specific gut health, plays an important role in ensuring optimal performance. Gut health is influenced by 3 major factors being continuously in interaction with each other: the mucosa, the diet and the microflora. Instead of relying on medicines to keep this interaction balanced, Nuscience offers alternative solutions based on natural ingredients. Use Although the dose can be farm specific, the following inclusion rates are advised: Broilers & turkeys: 0.4-1.6 kg/Mton depending on bird age and infection pressure Packaging 25Kg bag

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