Aromabiotic Cattle Aromabiotic Cattle

Aromabiotic Cattle

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Aromabiotic® Cattle is a carefully balanced mixture of medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) developed for cattle. Both dairy and beef cattle have been selected to become super-producing animals. A sound rumen fermentation together with a strong immune status are indispensable to support the animal throughout its high productive life. 

Genetic selection has resulted in cattle becoming super-production animals which undergo tremendous physiological stress and become susceptible to metabolic problems. In one lactation a cow can produce 10 to 20 times the amount of milk required to rear a calf. Instead of relying on medicines Nuscience offers alternative solutions based on natural ingredients. A healthy animal not only requires little medication and labor but also produces more efficiently.


Although the dose can be farm specific, the following inclusion rates are advised:

Dairy Cattle: 40 g/cow/day

Calves: 6 -8 kg/Mton in starter feed

Growing and finishing cattle: 5-6 g.100 kg BW

Packaging 25Kg bag

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