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DEFITOX, an association of 3 mycotoxins binder to solve mycotoxins problems in feed.

Combination of several solutions against mycotoxins,

Ø  MOS (Mannan Oligo-Saccharide) for Adsorption and active toxins capture, works with a mechanism to Toxins capture by a complex formation with MOS and then discharge

Ø  Bentonite clay for Adsorption and passive toxins capture, Toxins capture by ionic attraction and then discharge

Ø  Carbon for Adsorption and passive toxins capture, Toxins and enterotoxins capture by attraction through carbon pores (Van Der Waals force)

Ø  Plant extract to improve health of the liver, Antioxidant and detoxifying effect on liver.


• Easily mixed with the feed and thermostable to resist the pelleting condition
• Can absorb the water and ammonia to reduce the wet litter syndrome and making the gut condition unfavorable for bacterial growth
• Does not hinder the absorption of feed vitamins and minerals

Use and Inclusion rate:

Poultry : Use at 500 g/T to 2kg/T in all poultry feed

Dairy Cow : Use at 30 to 100 g/animal/day and 150 g/animal/day in high contamination

Beef, cattle : Use at 10 to 50 g/animal/day

Goat, sheep : Use at 3 to 30 g/animal/day


Package: 25 kg

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