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Sodium Hydroxide ˂ 10 %
Alkaline blended long cling foam Detergent.
Provides effective removal of fat, grease and soil, Advanced stable foam gives enhanced cling to vertical and smooth surfaces. Powerful cleaning action.
Application area:
Livestock buildings including equipment, drinkers & feeders, hatcheries, process equipment, conveyors, preparation tables, working surfaces, floors, walls/tiled surfaces.
Dilution: 1 %
contact time: 20-30 mints.
Manufacturer: KERSIA
Origin: UK

An alkaline blended long cling foam detergent that provides effective removal of fat, grease and soil.  Advanced stable foam that provides powerful cleaning action and gives enhanced clingto vertical and smooth surfaces.

Virofoam Pack Size

4x5, 25, 200 & 1000 litre

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