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Bacillus subtilis DSM17299 Min. 1.6×109 CFU
Diatomaceous earth / Kieselgur
Carrier: Calcium carbonate
Manufacturer: Chr.Hansen (Novonesis)
Origin: Czech Republic
Inclusion rate: 500 gm / MT of Feed.

GALLIPRO® FIT is the selected triple strain poultry probiotic to boost prevention programs and contribute to food safety delivering profitability.

GALLIPRO® FIT contains three carefully selected, naturally-occurring strains: 

Bacillus subtillis


Inhibits gram negative and positive microbes

Modulates immune system

Bacillus subtillis 

(DSM 32324)

Inhibits gram negative and positive microbes

Improves protein availability

Bacillus amyloliquefaciencs

(DSM 25840)

Improves energy availability

Improves protein availability

They were selected specifically for their ability to inhibit the proliferation of pathogenic organisms and for their ability to improve digestibility of feed. 


GalliPro Fit is:

the selected triple strain poultry probiotic, to:

Boost prevention programs 

Contribute to food safety, 

Deliver profitability.


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