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Cattle Zym

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Cattle Zym


CATTLE ZYM is a mix of metabolites (cellulase. alpha-amylase. protease) and specific raw materials which helps to degrade the Total Mixed Ration (TMR) by improving nutrients digestion yield. CATTLE ZYM hydrolyzes protein, starch and cellulose and Increase mycelium germination power in rumen. So more available surface for rumen bacterias and more volatile fatty acid production in rumen and thus improves production.



Ø  Improves digestibility and efficiency of the TMR

Ø  Improves milk production

Ø  Improves the weight gain and reduces the fattening period


Use and Inclusion rate:


30 g of CATTLE ZYM per dairy cow per day

20 g of CATTLE ZYM per beef per day


Package: 25 kg


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