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Intra Hoof Fit Gel

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Intra Hoof-fit Gel is a unique product in dairy farming and is now globally known as the gel of choice to deal with claw problems. Hoof-fit Gel is now the standard of care in many countries for controlling digital dermatitis. From Canada to Russia: Hoof-fit Gel is now used across the globe and is an antibiotic-free answer to many claw problems. Hoof-fit Gel is particularly popular with professional hoof trimmers because it is easy to use and penetrates deeply into the core of the inflammation. Hoof-fit Gel also prevents the hoof trimmer from working in antibiotic fumes all day, which may be detrimental to the hoof trimmer's health.


Official veterinary medicinal product

Hoof-fit Gel recently received the first official registration as a veterinary medicinal product for curing inflammations like digital dermatitis. The Dutch GD Animal Health officially proved that Hoof-fit Gel works 1.57 times better than conventional antibiotic spray.

Hoof-fit Gel contains copper and zinc (both having antibacterial properties) in an organic chelated form. This coated form is more stable and better soluble than conventional forms of copper and zinc, like sulphates and oxides. This enables the active substances to better penetrate the core of the digital dermatitis inflammation, combating the whole infection. The gel also contains isopropanol, reinforcing the antibacterial action of the product.

Chelated zinc and other skin care products in the gel promote wound healing: the wound will close quickly. Antibiotic spray does not have such a wound-healing action. Hoof-fit Gel heals the claw and the tissue around the claw, thereby reducing the risk of new bacterial infections. Finally, the gel contains a strong adhesive, prolonging contact with the infection on the claw. The gel will also continue to be active when cows walk through manure after treatment.

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