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Intra Calferol

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Intra Calferol is a pH neutral product with a very stable vitamin D3 concentration. This is important because vitamin D3 is an unstable vitamin which is crucial for unincreased absorption of calcium in bone. A vitamin D3 deficiency will cause the body to deplete calcium from the bones (the calcium store in the body), so the condition of the bones will


In practice poultry is often found to suffer from vitamin D3 deficiency. This is because vitamin D3 is added to the feed and is inactivated by all kinds of elements in the feed. For example, the addition of organic acids to the feed and factors such as heat have a negative effect on the stability of vitamin D3.

Intra Calferol is a mixture of concentrated calcium in organic form, vitamin D3 and chelated magnesium, which may easily be absorbed in the animals’ intestines. This supplement keeps the animal’s calcium balance in optimal condition.

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