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Intra Mineral Se + Vit E

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Generally broiler chicks are fattened at 5 to 7 weeks. In this short period, the body weight of the chicks increases from 40 g to more than 2.5 kg. In this period, the chicks are exposed to all kinds of stress moments and the conditions in which the chicks grow up are often suboptimal. Factors such as stress and the fast growth process may increase the production of free oxygen radicals in the body of the chicken. Free radicals will then disturb the metabolism and damage body cells. This causes the immune system to be affected, making the chicken more susceptible to external infections.


Vitamin E and selenium are antioxidants which may prevent this “ageing process” to a large extent. Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant and thereby alleviates the negative effects of environmental stress. Cell membranes are particularly susceptible to oxidative damage. Vitamin E is effective as an antioxidant precisely in the cell membranes. Selenium, on the other hand, is necessary for the glutathione peroxidase enzyme. This enzyme is the essential link for an optimal immune system and its action is mainly extracellular.


Intra Mineral Se + Vit E

Intra Mineral Se + Vit E is a combination of Vitamin E and selenium. This supplement may simply be added to the drinking water without the drinking system becoming polluted.

Intra Mineral Se + Vit E is mainly intended to be used in young poultry for the support of the immune system. By adding Intra Mineral Se + Vit E through the drinking water, the active ingredients are very easily absorbable for the animals and it may used flexibly.



Intra Mineral Se + Vit E distinguishes itself by a high concentration of active substances with a very high and pure quality of vitamin E. In addition, the product is provided with a good emulsifier preventing pollution in the drinking system.

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